As part of my new gig at Awareness one of the first things I did was to bring in Chris Brogan and the team at New Marketing Labs to add value both to Awareness and our clients.  I have been a fan of Chris since I met him back in 2007 while we were planning the first New Marketing Summit (now Inbound Marketing Summit).

Over the last couple of months Chris and I have had a lot of discussions around corporate adoption of social media.  We were curious to see if big business are adopting social media, how they are you using it and what business/marketing goals they are achieving by using it.  To uncover the answers to these questions we decided to conduct a survey of a select group of marketers to get their input on the state of social media marketing in businesses.  The survey generated over 600 responses from marketing executives at mid-to-large sized organizations, and in addition, we interviewed executives from 5 large organizations who have adopted social media as part of their marketing strategy.

The ebook is free and you can click here to download it.  Also, Chris and I will be reviewing the results of the survey in a Twebinar on March 9.  If you have some time click here to register and join us.

I am excited to hear what you think.  Please leave comments below or feel free to email me directly at mike(dot)lewis(at)awarenessnetwork(dot)com.