I have probably seen Larry Weber speak 5 or 6 times and I have read both his books (“The Provocateur” and “Marketing to the Social Web“).  I am amazed at how much I continue to learn from him and I continue to be a fan of how he thinks.

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The slides above are from a presentation (Twebinar) Larry did this afternoon with my company, Awareness.  Larry provided a ton of useful information during today’s session.  I have enough content to write a series of blog posts but instead here is a summary of my 10 favorite quotes from his presentation:

  1. “We are actually in Web 4.0 or the “emotive” web (showing emotions through social media).  Also, the future web is highly visual.”
  2. “The future of the web is “microsegmentation” and video.  In fact, Facebook will fail if it does not microsegment.”
  3. “While behavioral targeting will get you to the door, learning how to listen and carry on a conversation is how companies will be successful going forward.”
  4. “Social media is still not out of the broadcast era.”
  5. “It’s important to know that traditional web measurement doesn’t work with Twitter.”
  6. “Marketers need to develop strategies around “social search”.”
  7. “Next generation of email is Facebook and Twitter, but digital marketing is never done”
  8. “Marketing is going to get harder before it gets easier: we’re organized wrong and too focused on buying customers and tasks”
  9. “You can’t control the conversation, you can only control the quality of your content.”
  10. “Your brand is the the dialog you have with your customers.”

If you have not read Larry’s book “Marketing to the Social Web” I recommend buying a copy and reading it today.  It’s a great book and the proceeds go to charity.