This was a very exciting week at Awareness. To kick off the week we welcomed two new members to the sales team – Jocie Jandovitz and Phil Barry.  Both come to Awareness with deep experience in the software space and a passion for how social media can help companies improve marketing effectiveness.  They are great fits for the team and I am looking forward to working with them throughout 2010.

The changes don’t stop there.  Today we officially move to our new digs in Burlington, MA (which happens to be my hometown).  This is particularly exciting for me because not only is this where I grew up but it’s also where I currently live.  It’s a big win for me personally because my commute will go from about 45 minutes each way to 5 minutes.  My friend and co-worker Steve Tremblay (who also lives in Burlington) said it best: “Everyday I’ll get an hour and a half of my life back“.   The Burlington location is ideal for us because it’s larger, centrally located and is less than an hour from downtown Boston.  The space itself is also terrific – tons of room for new employees, beautiful conference rooms, an unconventional floor plan, very cool cubes, a view of the Boston skyline and space for the marketing team to host live streaming video sessions (stay tuned, details on this will follow shortly).

While we leave behind some great memories in the Waltham office we are looking forward to creating new memories in Burlington.

These are exciting times for Awareness!!!  Stayed tuned for more exciting announcements coming very, very soon!

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