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For the last 14 months Awareness has hosted a series of free webinars focused on educating the market on the benefits of social media marketing.  Last week’s session featured author Lon Safko discussing the “5 Steps to Social Media Implementation“.  The session itself started off with some technical difficulties that we were able to work out after about 10-15 minutes.  Even though we started a bit late, the session went very well  and, for the most part, those who attended were satisfied with the content of the session.

There is always (and I do mean, always) someone who leaves the session unhappy.  We do our best to feature top notch speakers and content as well as strive to consistently manage the sessions in a professional manner.  That said, every once in a while we run into a hiccup that causes a delay or, in one instance, a cancellation.  What continues to surprise me is the response we get when these issues arise.  Take for example the voicemail below that we received from a woman who had some issues accessing the session (she will remain nameless).

Angry Voicemail from Webinar Participant

I completely understand that a delay or broken link is frustrating.  This is especially frustrating when you have set aside time to attend one of our sessions.  I have been on the other side and it really is annoying.  That said, this voice mail is just funny.  Not so much for what she says but because of her reaction.  Really, I would expect this from my 2 year old, not from a business professional looking to gain more knowledge.

For those wondering, we did respond with a kind apology and helped her fix the broken link which was part of an issue with her email.  We also refunded her admission fee for the session. :-)

I tweeted about this earlier but thought it would make an interesting post. As you probably know, for the most part contextual advertising can be a valuable part of online marketing programs.  But today on I found one that #FAILED.  I visited site because I heard through Twitter that the Red Sox had *officially* announced their pitching rotation to start the season.  (For those interested, it’s going to be Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Wakefield, Beckett, Buchholz.  Full story here).    I was surprised to be served a contextual ad on the homepage telling me to “Gear up for the Tigers 2010 season”.  Maybe it’s a subtle attempt on the part of the Tigers to gain more fans but it sure seems like a wasted space to me.