I tweeted about this earlier but thought it would make an interesting post. As you probably know, for the most part contextual advertising can be a valuable part of online marketing programs.  But today on Boston.com I found one that #FAILED.  I visited site because I heard through Twitter that the Red Sox had *officially* announced their pitching rotation to start the season.  (For those interested, it’s going to be Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Wakefield, Beckett, Buchholz.  Full story here).    I was surprised to be served a contextual ad on the Boston.com homepage telling me to “Gear up for the Tigers 2010 season”.  Maybe it’s a subtle attempt on the part of the Tigers to gain more fans but it sure seems like a wasted space to me.

  • Ben

    While I agree it is a Fail. AS a Native Detroiter and Detroit Tiger fan I do find it pretty cool. But Tiger fans and Red Sox fans can agree we can gear up for 2010 and hopefully beat that team in NY.

  • http://blog.socialepisodes.com Mike

    Ben – AGREED!!! As far as I am concerned I’m a fan of the Sox and anyone playing the Yankees. Good luck this season!