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In 2010 Awareness hosted 24 webinars featuring a wide range of marketing topics presented by a host of social media authors and thought leaders.  The sessions continued to grow in popularity over the course of the year, attracting thousands of viewers and featuring entertaining and thought-provoking conversations.

Every session offered a ton of value but here is our list of the Top 6 #Awarenessinc Webinars of 2010:

#6:            “How Enterprise Marketers Keep up with Facebook” with Cappy Popp – July 30, 2010
Special Recognition “Most Positive Feedback”

In 60 minutes, Cappy taught me more about Facebook than I ever thought possible.  This session was both for the Facebook novice and ‘uber-facebook-geek’.  Cappy discussed key issues facing brands as they begin marketing on Facebook as well as drilling into how to execute, on a tactical level, within Facebook.

Cappy’s session gets 2010 the award for “Most Positive Feedback”.  Of the 24 sessions we held over the course of 2010 Cappy not only received the most feedback during his session (measured by number of Tweets, emails, and comments) but he also had the highest percentage of positive feedback for his session.


#5:               Are you answering the ‘social phone’? with David Alston – January 28, 2010
Special Recognition “Best Q&A Session”

This was one of my favorite sessions to host because David is smart, easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor.  That combination makes for a great session with an excellent Q&A.  With just over 900 registrations, Dave’s session focused on social media as a new communication channel, using the analogy of a “social phone”.

While the session took place just over a year ago the insights are still as relevant today as they were then.  I hope you enjoy it.


#4:              “Engage or Die! with Brian Solis – June 1, 2010
Special Recognition “Most Creative & Compelling Title”

Talk about a direct title!  In March, Brian released his latest book “Engage!” and we were thankful to have him on a call to discuss the details of the book a couple of months later.   During his session he discussed some of the highlights of his book as well as present some compelling case studies.  I am both a fan of Brian as a writer and as a person and this session did not disappoint.



#3:            “Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist” with Jeremiah Owyang – November 18, 2010
Special Recognition “Best & Most Relevant Research”

Jeremiah’s research is always compelling and relevant.  During this session in November, he unveiled new research he completed focusing on the career path of the corporate social strategist.  The session defined the ‘new’ strategist position that is being adopted in corporations as well as outlined how individuals with this position mature.  The research was based on insights gathered from interviews with several large organizations.


#2:            “Socialnomics” with Erik Qualman – February 11, 2010
Special Recognition “Highest Registration Number”

It’s always a blast to connect with Erik! This session drove thousands of registrations, the most of any session in 2010, and the volume of attendees made for an incredibly interactive Q&A with Erik.  During the session and in his book, Erik describes the current social media movement as a time when, “It’s important to free your content from being trapped in a “walled garden” because people have quickly grown accustomed to the news finding them, and there is no turning back,” and, “Businesses don’t have a choice on whether or not to DO social media, their choice is how well they DO it.” 


#1:            “UNmarketing” with Scott Stratten – November 11, 2010
Special Recognition
Most Compelling Content & Funniest Personality

Despite some technical difficulties, this was my favorite session of 2010.  Scott could be (should be) a stand up comedian.  He does a great job taking solid content, making a point and forcing you to laugh while you learn.  It’s a quality most speakers strive for, but few are able to achieve.


Thanks again to all our speakers in 2010 who helped to educate the market on social media.  We have 24 exciting sessions scheduled for 2011.  Check out our current listing here.