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Spring is in the air and that means MLB Opening Day is right around the corner! In honor of the big day (which will feature my Boston Red Sox receiving their 2013 World Series Championship Rings – just sayin’), the team at Facebook has put together a map that highlights team allegiances – measured in terms of likes – across the United States.

You will immediately notice that the Yankees, Brave and Rangers (which is a bit of a surprise) take up a majority or the map. Red Sox Nation is also up there as well! However, Facebook notes that there is not a single county in the US that aligns with the A’s, Mets or Blue Jays (sorry to all my friends up in Toronto).

It’s an interesting breakdown. Click on the map to get the larger view. (Courtesy of the team at Inside Facebook)


I admit it – I have not been ‘into’ the World Cup.  I know “most popular sport in the world”, etc, etc but for some reason I just had trouble getting into it.  I was actually in London last week and was able to see some of the games and found most of them boring.  (I do understand the irony of the that statement coming from a baseball fan).

That said, I did watch the final US match and was able to witness Landon Donovan’s goal.  This video captures the world reaction to the goal and still gives me goosebumps.