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Had a great webinar yesterday with Adam Broitman, founder and ringleader at  I met Adam for the first time at last year’s New Marketing Summit (now the Inbound Marketing Summit) when we sat down for an interview on the state of new marketing (click here to view it).  Adam has great insight into the agency world (spending some time at Digitas, Morpheus and Crayon) and has a very unique (some may say “innovative”) way of thinking about marketing and social media.  He’s also a lot of fun to chat with and, as you we see in the recording below, he’s both an entertaining and thought provoking speaker.

Before you view the recording and slides of the session (both are available below), here are the top eleven tweets form yesterday’s webinar highlighting some of Adam’s insights (they are in no particular order):

  1. @abelniak: scary stat: 40% of the major corporations that existed in America in 1975 no longer exist today.
  2. @awarenessinc: 2 core principals central to marketing: participation and innovation
  3. @blmoon: Technology is no substitute for creative ideas, per @adambroitman
  4. @Yelitze: easier to remember a story you’re involved in than a story told to you
  5. @shartlen: Marketing may not be saving lives, but it has the capacity to change lives
  6. @socialmediawave: Improvisation and comedy are the basics in formulating a fun and engaging campaign -it’s also FUN
  7. @cmee: It’s not a risk when you propose creativity
  8. @FTPlanet: It takes more than a platform to make a community successful. Communities are made of ppl, not tech.
  9. @cmee: when you’re faced with adversity there’s also opportunity
  10. @anthonycerreta: 9 Successful Brands Launched During Downturns;
  11. @abelniak: The Dunkin Run used technology (though not the core component) to MAKE ‘being social’ innovative

Recording of Innovative Marketing with Adam Broitman:


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Apr 25th, 2009

Came across this great presentation on Slideshare:

Agency From Scratch: Re-Creating the Creative Industry by Uwe Lucas

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