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Who knew that talking to a crowd of Yankees fans could be so much fun?  Last week I led a discussion at Web 2.0 in New York titled “The Elephant in the Room: Social Media ROI”.  After catching some flak from the locals on being a die hard Red Sox fan we got down to business and discussed ROI.  During the talk I walked through a case for ROI and presented some case studies from companies I have worked with in the past.  The conversation sparked some interesting questions, some debates and a lot of interesting dialog.  I’m hoping to have a recording up in a few days (stay tuned)… The slides from the presentation are below, hope you enjoy!

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Here are the slide Chirs Brogan and I presented today during our webinar.  A replay will be available within the next 24 hours and I will be sending an email to everyone who registered when it’s available.  To download the eBook, click here.

UPDATE: The recording of the session is available here.

If you were able to make it, thanks so much for attending! If you have any questions, please comment.